Friday, January 27, 2012

Tip # 2 Cover your metal detector.

Here in New York its a rainy day, sadly I need to get dressed up and go out in this, which reminds me, if you ever feel the need to metal detect out in the rain then "dress" the electronic part of your detector with plastic wrap at the minimum. If you want to go with the professional look then there is always the Rain/Dust covers different stores sell. The coil is alright in the rain but the part where the batteries, speaker box, and screen reside are basically cats, it doesn't like water. Remember to always take care of your detector properly this way it may last more and more year to come.

If your looking for a more straight forward guide to everything I post on here, that gives you step by step tips to detecting then check out Cody Smith's Metal Detecting Secrets. Check it out and you wont regret it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trick #2 Forums

If you ever have any questions about the area you live in, want good current tips from people around the world who do the hobby weekly or daily, then a forum is the best place for you to go. I am currently a member of a forum called If i ever have any questions I always go there first. You can gain access not only to helpful ideas but also to other blogs, pictures of great finds, and encouraging words that help push you along when your feeling discouraged. Guides are great but one on one help is great for those quick solutions that are needed in a hurry. If you have a smart phone you are able to access the forums easily.

Until the next post,
good luck with the finds

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tip #1

Whenever you go out metal detecting, I suggest using a Trowel. You know those small shovels used for bringing out flowers so the roots stay intact. They're great for digging when your hunting smaller treasures like coins and small relics. It's also great for slowly and gently going through the soil so you do not miss anything. I'm adding a link to Home Depot's trowel section here.

This is only a small tip for beginner treasure hunters. If your looking for a great guide that gives you plenty of information on the subject of metal detecting that's great for both new and seasoned metal detector hobbyists, go check out Cody Smith's guide Metal Detecting Secrets

Til the next post,
Good luck with the hunt.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Trick #1 Guides

      Everyone wants to one day strike gold and be rich and set for the rest of their lives. Realistically this is not possible, but this does not mean you cannot find treasures. Some may even be worth money that you can sell, or you can hold onto them as a future  "investment." The idea of metal detecting is a rather simple one, however mastering the hobby takes years and years of practice, hours of research, and plenty of trial and error situations. Don't you just wish you could change the time it takes to find those great treasures?

      Well there's many ways for you to find the secrets of this hobby, but a lot of the information is either old and not as useful as it once was, or it's just information that's "filled with hot air." My job is to point you in the right direction for information on how to obtain those treasures one hopes to find.

      I'm going to jump right into it and say that a man named Cody Smith is not only helping people learn these secrets but is also showing step by step. I'm not going to just sit here and gloat about his product, I will be posting information on different techniques you can use, but I will tell you that if you want a more in depth, step by step guide to learning the best ways to master this great hobby, then Cody Smith's guide to Metal Detecting Secrets is the way to go. In the guide he explains what equipment you will need, getting permission to hunt on private property, how to do research on the places you wish to hunt, and he even goes into what types of soils there are and how they effect your hunting outcomes. Go to Cody Smith's guide, read what he has to say, and you decide if you want to struggle finding the secrets on your own and using old and outdated tips and tricks or you can use his guide and get started finding those treasures you have wanted since you started metal detecting.